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Before mass production, Gizmo works closely with its suppliers to review and discuss all the necessary doucuments and tooling samples to ensure high quality. 


Tooling Evaluation

Our tooling process is a crucial component of our product design and manufacturing workflow. We meticulously assess tooling requirements by first understanding the specific design and production needs of each project. This involves considering factors such as materials, production volumes, precision tolerances, and cost constraints. With this information, we can determine the most suitable tooling methods, which may include injection molds, CNC machining, 3D printing, or other specialized tools.


Refine to Perfection

Our goal is to optimize tooling for efficiency and quality, ensuring that our products are not only well-designed but also cost-effective to produce at scale. We achieve this by employing advanced technology and manufacturing techniques, continuously refining our tooling processes to minimize waste and maximize productivity. This approach ensures that the end products not only meet our clients' needs and expectations but also maintain a competitive edge in the market, aligning with our commitment to excellence in design and manufacturing.

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