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After the fist concept has been decided, we dive into the  details and variations of interfaces, CMF,  functional features, and mechanical design to ensure the best possible result. At the same time, physical models and prototypes are made to verify functionality and performance of design.


Concept Evaluation

As soon as the main concept has been etablished, we further develop partial shapes and make subtle tweaks to size and shape to ensure we have explored as many possibilities as we can to guarantee usability and aesthetics.


Iterate to Perfection

After exploring possibilities via 2D drawings, our designers make multiple rapid prototypes to test if the design is physically easy and comfortable to use. Our engineers will then propose different mechanical designs and electronic components to further realize our concept.


After several PoC’s(Proof of Concepts), the finalized working prototype will be deliverable by the end of this stage.


Prototyping AndTesting

In the final step for front-end development, we put the product through multiple tests. Our team of engineers will then do the final check  to assure the design is fit for mass production. Finalized industrial drawings and engineering documents will be provided along with the finished product.

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