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Luxe 2.0





Services Provided

Industrial Design
Computer Aided Design
Rapid Prototyping
Product Testing
Supplier Sourcing and Auditing


Luxe 2.0 is a result of our collaboration with NION Beauty. We were tasked with taking their existing design and improving the look, feel, and features. The Luxe 2.0 doubles as a facial cleanser and ultrasonic infuser that penetrates the superficial layers of the skin for even more effective cleansing sessions.

During early stages of design, we explored various shapes for both ergonomic functionality as well as aesthetic appeal. By doing so, we were able to achieve a satisfying balance between the look and feel of the product. Afterwards, we used our 3D printer to print out our designs.

Next, we worked closely with our engineering team to confirm that our envisioned design was optimized for performance in any scenario. From this point on, it was our engineering team's responsibility to test and implement all the functions specified by NION.

Finally, our design team connected with our factory to confirm the color, material, and finish of the product so that there would be no deviation from the envisioned design.

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