July 25, 2018


The abrasive cleansing brushes currently dominating the market are little more than gimmicks. Requiring regular replacement heads, these poorly designed devices can harbor bacteria, and often strip the skin of the natural oils that protect against aging, dryness, and UV damage. The award-winning development agency Gizmospring is calling time on these expensive, antiquated beauty products with an innovative skincare device that targets free radicals, increases blood flow, and helps protect against aging.

The leading cleansing brushes currently feature hard plastic bristles that rely on friction to remove visible dirt. Abrasive and difficult to clean, these expensive devices require regular replacement heads, increase the bacterial load on the skin, and damage its natural protective layer.

The design team at Gizmospring proudly present an alternative with the Nion Beauty range. Crafted from soft, antimicrobial silicone, these high-quality, inexpensive face and body brushes include a host of innovative features; the most advanced of which is its patented S-Ion Technology™.

Negative ions occur naturally in areas with large bodies of moving water, such as the beach, waterfalls, and thunderstorms. These particles have been proven to increase blood circulation, aid healing, enhance mood, and boost our well-being. By infusing food-grade silicone with the rare earth element Tourmaline – which naturally produces negative ions – the experts at Gizmospring have developed a skincare device that emits these beneficial, natural particles.

Unlike traditional face brushes, Nion’s soft silicone bristles glide effortlessly across the skin; generating no friction, they leave its natural defenses intact. The negative ions emitted by the brushes bond with free radicals and environmental contaminants on the skin, forming heavy compounds that can be simply washed away. The negative ions also increase blood flow and draw out impurities, leaving the user with a clear, glowing complexion day after day.

The full range features devices to suit every budget and lifestyle. The preeminent Opus Total + includes LED and Heat therapy tips, while the disposable Opus2Go offers all the benefits you’d expect from a Nion cleansing brush in a design convenient for travel. The Opus Renew face mask has been shown to improve the appearance of dark circles and scar tissues, while the specially designed massage surfaces on Nion’s face and body brushes deliver complexion boosting, anti-aging benefits.

With competitive pricing, a continuous running time of 250 hours (about ten years with regular use), and next-generation technology, Nion Beauty really is set to take the market by storm.