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LUXE 2.0 
Facial Cleanser & Infuser



GIZMO undertook the challenge of launching a new

iteration of NION’s best-selling facial-cleansing device. Through a series of trials and continuous communication with NION, we successfully completed this project, delivering a one-of-a-kind product.

Services Provided:

+ Industrial Design

+ Computer Aided Design

+ Rapid Prototyping

+ Product Testing


+ Supplier Sourcing and Auditing



Our mission with this project was to help create a new version of NION's best-selling product Opus Luxe; a high-end face cleansing and sculpting brush. 

Through a collaborative effort between NION and GIZMO teams, we defined the essence of what the brand aimed to convey in Luxe Plus. We focused on three keywords: Natural, Quality, and Spa-Quality. Focusing on these three terms for direction, our design team came up with multiple representations of what they they felt best fit the NION brand. Below is our process.

Solutions Provided:

+ Use Case Evaluation

+ Product Concept Evaluation

+ Prototype Iteration

+ Functional Samples

+ Performance Evaluation

+ User Trials

Luxe Plus.png

Shape Development

In the initial stage, we explored various forms to confirm both ergonomic functionality and aesthetic appeal such as different base and brush patterns. We then used our 3D printer to create multiple models for trials.

Asset 6.png
Asset 1.png

Concept Verification

During the shape development phase, designers collaborated closely with engineers, ensuring a seamless verification process to guarantee optimal performance in any usage scenario.

Function Realization

In this phase, our engineering team rigorously tested and implemented all the functions specified by our client, confirming their efficacy and ensuring that they met the required standards.

Asset 2.png
Asset 5.png

CMF Confirmation

In the final step, designers collaborated with the factory to confirm that the color, materials and finishing met the specified requirements. This meticulous process ensured that the product aligned precisely with the envisioned design.

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