Yes, we sign an NDA with our clients before any proprietary design or confidential information is shared. That said, we do not typically sign an NDA for introductory calls or initial conversations except for very specific situations.

GIZMO’s three factories are located in Dongguan, China. Our network of manufacturing partners are located across Asia, Europe, and North America.
The answer to this question depends entirely on the complexity of the product and how many design revisions will be required. Most products are ready for large-scale production as quickly as 3-6 months, but we’ve also completed simple product designs that were moved to manufacturing within 8 weeks.
GIZMO factories are certified to ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001, BSCI, and UL

Gizmospring specializes in the manufacturing of plastic and silicon-based goods including food and medical-grade products. Between our three factories, we cater to a wide-variety of consumer electronics, personal care devices, small home appliances, sexual wellness products, and complex injection molded items. Any products or sub-assemblies we cannot manufacture internally, we source from our 100+ manufacturing partners.

If you have additional questions or are interested in a complete list of our capabilities and capacity, please connect with us via email or schedule a call.

We have spent two decades building a strong supply chain across Asia, North America, and Europe. If GIZMO is unable to manufacture your product internally, our supply chain management team will source the product while guaranteeing GIZMO quality standards and competitive pricing.

Gizmospring is committed to the highest standards of quality. Our quality assurance process includes rigorous testing at every stage of production. We also conduct final quality checks before shipping to ensure that every product meets our customers’ expectations and complies with all regulatory requirements.

Yes, our facilities are equipped to handle high-volume production needs efficiently. Our scalable processes and extensive network of manufacturing partners allow us to meet large order quantities without compromising on quality or timelines.

Yes, we offer comprehensive design services, including initial concept development, 3D modeling, and prototyping. Our team works closely with clients to refine their ideas and turn them into market-ready products.

We specialize in manufacturing products using a variety of plastics and silicone, including food-grade and medical-grade materials. We also have experience with a range of other materials and can accommodate specific material requirements.

Absolutely. We can guide you through the certification process for your products, whether it’s obtaining FDA approval, CE marking, or any other industry-specific certification.

At Gizmospring, we are dedicated to sustainable manufacturing practices. We comply with ISO14001 standards and strive to minimize our environmental impact by using eco-friendly materials and optimizing our manufacturing processes.

In addition to signing NDAs, we ensure that all your designs and products are handled confidentially. Our internal protocols are designed to safeguard your intellectual property throughout the product development process.

Gizmospring serves a diverse range of industries, including consumer electronics, lifestyle products, personal care devices, small home appliances, sexual wellness, and beauty devices.

Yes, clients are welcome to visit our facilities. We believe that seeing our operations first-hand can provide valuable insights into how we work and the quality of our production processes.

Gizmospring offers comprehensive support through our network of distribution partners. If you have additional questions, please connect with us via email or schedule a call.


Depending on the complexity of the product, our prototyping can be completed as quickly as 2-4 weeks. This allows our clients to quickly iterate on designs and move towards production readiness.

Yes, we provide after-sales support to ensure that our clients are satisfied with their products. This includes troubleshooting, product updates, and potential product recalls if necessary.

We are flexible and responsive to changes. Our team works closely with clients to make any necessary design modifications during the prototyping and pre-production phases to ensure the final product meets their expectations.

We typically operate with standard payment terms of 50% upfront and 50% upon delivery. However, we can discuss and adjust these terms based on the project scope and duration.

Yes, the MOQ depends on the specific product and its manufacturing requirements. We strive to be flexible and can sometimes accommodate smaller batches for startups and new ventures.

We prioritize urgent orders and can expedite production and shipping at an additional cost. Our project management team works diligently to meet tight deadlines without compromising quality.

While our primary focus is on design and manufacturing, we can help conduct market research. This includes user experience, competitive comparisons, teardowns and technology evaluations.We can also connect you with our marketing partners who specialize in market research and product positioning to help ensure your product’s success.

While we don’t offer packaging design, Gizmo does offer sourcing and sampling. 

Our compliance team stays up-to-date with international regulations and standards applicable to your product, ensuring that all necessary compliance is met for global markets.

Although we do not personally integrate electronics and software, we can make recommendations through our partner network.

We establish a regular feedback loop through frequent updates, virtual meetings, and prototype reviews, allowing timely decisions and adjustments to ensure the product development aligns with your vision.

You can request a quote by contacting us via our website, email, or phone. Providing us with detailed information about your product will help us to provide you with an estimate.

Yes, we regularly participate in major trade shows and industry events related to consumer electronics, lifestyle products, and health and wellness. These events are great opportunities for us to showcase our capabilities, meet potential clients, and keep up with new trends.

We stand by the quality of our products. In case of any defects or non-conformity, we offer returns, replacements, or repairs as per our agreed terms and conditions.

Each project is treated with strict confidentiality protocols. Access to project-specific information is restricted to team members directly involved and is managed according to the highest security standards.

Yes, our facilities have considerable capacity to handle increased production volumes. We are capable of scaling up operations without affecting existing production timelines or quality.

We adhere to strict cleanliness standards and are regularly audited by several global brands. If there are specific concerns, we are open to discussing and implementing additional measures to meet the unique needs of your products.

Our process includes multiple stages of cleaning, including visual inspections, alcohol wipes, and UV sanitization. Our products undergo rigorous microbiological testing to ensure they meet all required safety and quality standards.

While our PCBA suppliers may not be English-speaking, we can facilitate communication and ensure that all your specifications and requirements are accurately relayed. For advanced custom electronics and firmware, we recommend working with a third-party software developer, and we can integrate their designs into the manufacturing process.

Our mechanical design team is responsible for creating the designs used by mold makers. While the mold makers provide feedback on technical aspects like parting lines and injection gates, all significant communications and design modifications are managed directly through our team.

We have robust capabilities for designing and producing jigs and fixtures, including those used for testing purposes. If there are specific needs or improvements required, we are open to discussing how we can better meet your testing and production requirements.

We apply stringent AQL standards, similar to those used by the largest lifestyle and sexual wellness manufacturers. Our quality assurance processes include comprehensive checks throughout manufacturing and a final OQC inspection before warehousing.

We maintain rigorous oversight of our manufacturing process, with a detailed analysis of yield and failure rates. Our goal is to keep defect rates below 0.1%, and we implement continuous monitoring and adjustment to achieve this.

Our facilities are well-equipped to scale up production to meet higher demands, comfortably exceeding 30,000 pieces per month if necessary. We continuously assess and plan for expansion to ensure we can meet future demand increases without compromising on quality or delivery times.

Although our products are not classified as medical devices, we have recently received ISO13485 certification, reflecting our commitment to high standards. We are open to pursuing additional certifications if required for specific products.







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