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Product Design, Engineering, And Manufacturing,

Why Choose Gizmo?

Gizmospring is an American-led product innovation company aimed at supporting entrepreneurs and SMEs. We work as an extension of your business to help accelerate the development of new product ideas from concept to manufacturing.


Up to 50% Faster
Development Time


All-In-One Product Design and Manufacturing


Top Tier Quality
and Service

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Our Services

Create amazing products - no matter your company size

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Product Design

  • Competitor Analysis

  • UX/UI Design

  • 3D Modeling

  • Material Selection

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  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Compliance Testing

  •  Quality Assurance

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  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Functional Prototyping

  • Iterative Design

  • Material Testing

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  • Tooling

  • Assembly

  • Packaging Design

  • Quality Control

  • Logistics

Our Work

Common Questions

  • Will GIZMO sign an NDA?
    Yes, we sign an NDA with our clients before any proprietary design or confidential information is shared. That said, we do not typically sign an NDA for introductory calls or initial conversations except for very specific situations.
  • Where do you manufacture?
    GIZMO's three factories are located in Dongguan, China. Our network of manufacturing partners are located across Asia, Europe, and North America.
  • What is the typical time required for product development?
    The answer to this question depends entirely on the complexity of the product and how many design revisions will be required. Most products are ready for large-scale production as quickly as 3-6 months, but we've also completed simple product designs that were moved to manufacturing within 8 weeks.
  • What factory certifications do you have?
    GIZMO factories are certified to ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001, BSCI, and UL
  • What type of products can you make?
    Gizmospring specializes in the manufacturing of plastic and silicon-based goods including food and medical-grade products. Between our three factories, we cater to a wide-variety of consumer electronics, personal care devices, small home appliances, sexual wellness products, and complex injection molded items. Any products or sub-assemblies we cannot manufacture internally, we source from our 100+ manufacturing partners. If you have additional questions or are interested in a complete list of our capabilities and capacity, please connect with us via email or schedule a call.
  • What if you cannot make my product?
    We have spent two decades building a strong supply chain across Asia, North America, and Europe. If GIZMO is unable to manufacture your product internally, our supply chain management team will source the product while guaranteeing GIZMO quality standards and competitive pricing.

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Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

9:00 am – 6:30 pm

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