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Product Design, Engineering, And Manufacturing, All-In-One.


Simplify your supply chain - And, save yourself time + money

• Time to Market            • Cost Savings      • Quality Control   

• Continuous Innovation     • Flexibility            • Secure IP

Bringing a new product to life can be a daunting task, with countless obstacles to overcome at every stage of the process.


With GIZMO, you don't have to go it alone or outsource any phase of a project. We understand that even the most successful brands struggle with product development, and costly mistakes are all too common.


That's why Gizmospring is here to help, serving as an extension of your team and bringing all aspects of the supply chain under one roof. Say goodbye to delays and errors and hello to a smooth, streamlined product supply chain.

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Create amazing products - no matter your company size

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Product Design

Our award-winning product design team is comprised of proven experts in industrial design, UX/UI, materials, user research, and more. We work closely with clients to create innovative, user-friendly products that stand out in the market. Our team delivers everything from visual mockups and 3D models to custom finished rapid prototypes.

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Sourcing products from overseas manufacturers is often a process or trial and error for companies. If GIZMO cannot manufacture your product directly, we leverage our large network of trusted partners across Asia, Europe, and North America to ensure your products meet and exceed our exacting specifications for design and quality. 

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GIZMO's product engineering service utilizes the latest industry advancements, expert engineering skills, and a methodology of continuous improvement to optimize product design, functionality and performance. Our clients often look to GIZMO to elevate their product's technical capabilities while maintaining design excellence.

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Quality Control

We offer 3rd party quality control and testing services for all types of products manufactured in China. Our team of highly-skilled quality control professionals develops documentation and procedures, conducts rigorous inspections, and utilizes advanced testing equipment to analyze your finished goods (e.g. drop testing, crush, battery-life, water rating, etc.) 

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Our physical product prototyping is the most efficient and cost-effective way to bring your ideas to life. We integrate mechanical, electrical, and software components using advanced technologies such as 3D printing, CNC machining, and vacuum casting to quickly create functional, high-quality prototypes that accurately reflect your final product.

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Logistics Support

With customers spanning the globe, we have strong, stable partnerships with reputable shipping and logistics companies to deliver your products exactly where you need them, when you need them. Our team can also assist with implementing efficient supply chain management processes that save your team time and money.

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As a vertically integrated design and manufacturing company, GIZMO's factories produce over 10M units annually. Our operational expertise allows us to produce lower MOQ's while maintaining high-quality and competitive pricing. Additionally, Gizmospring owns three factories in China, with a broad network of supplier partners to ensure that we can protect your IP as well.

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Our product packaging designers and engineers work closely with clients to strike the perfect balance between visually appealing packaging design that ensures your product sells and the less 'sexy' packaging concerns including cost, durability, shipping efficiency, unboxing experience, and much more. We develop packaging enhances your product.

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