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5 Reasons Why Outsourcing Product Design Is A Smart Investment

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Outsourcing product design is an avenue many companies prefer when seeking to maximize potential while still focusing on their core competencies. It’s an effective strategy on multiple levels and often has more benefits than drawbacks. If you’re an entrepreneur, small business, or multinational organization and are thinking about outsourcing your product design, then here are a few reasons why it might be worth your while.

Why Outsource Product Design?

To Save Time and Money

Attempting to juggle multiple responsibilities like R&D, prototyping and testing can throw an entire campaign off balance resulting in unnecessary bottlenecks or lengthy delays. According to, “for every $1 billion spent on projects in the U.S., there was a loss or waste of roughly $122 million-meaning that 12% of the budget for projects, on average, was wasted due to poor management, counterproductive behaviors, and bad decision-making.If your business has a pattern of scrapping projects or finishing assignments well-beyond the estimated completion date, then outsourcing your product design can help to solve this problem.

To Access Additional Resources

Not every business has the tools or knowledge required to develop their desired solution. Industrial designers like Gizmospring can provide companies with the necessary equipment, experience, and talent to achieve the full potential of a product or idea. Product designers also have significant insight into market demands and trends, which can help avoid poor, outdated, or over-the-top design decisions.

To Gather Valuable Feedback

Projects get shelved when internal teams can’t see the full potential a product has to offer. Designating an outside party to provide recommendations and solutions about a new product idea can be invaluable for recognizing additional opportunities. External perspectives help companies to eliminate bias and falling prey to groupthink, two obstacles that can seriously limit the progress of projects.

To Avoid Unnecessary Hiring

Onboarding new employees can be expensive and time consuming. It may not be within a company’s best interest to hire an in-house designer if they don’t always have use for one. Additionally, It can often take months to get an in-house design team performing well together. Outsourcing design is a way to get consistent, timely, and quality results without having to add multiple employees to the payroll. According to ISO, companies report an average savings of 15% by strategically utilizing outsourcing.

To Focus on a Single Objective

Employees at small and medium-sized companies often need to wear multiple hats, forcing them to divide their time between tasks. Contracting a design team means that there are fewer distractions and more participation on a single mission. This translates to more frequent input, expedient progress, and faster completion times.

Why Choose Gizmospring as Your Product Design Partner?

At Gizmospring, we aren’t just an experienced team of designers and engineers. We are design experts with dozens of projects and hundreds of hours under our belts. Whether you require go to market strategies, branding assistance, product and packaging design, quality control or logistics, Gizmospring is an ideal solution to help take your business to the next level.

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