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Cooling Backpack



Our friends at V.I.T.L. contacted us to help them create an entirely new kind of backpack that keeps its wearer cool. Our design helped wearer's stay comfortable, while preventing the buildup of excess sweat.

Services Provided

+Competitive Analysis

+Detail Discovery

+CMF Sourcing

+Cost Evaluation

+Channel Definition

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Innovating Products with 


Solutions Provided

+Market Study

+Product Design

+Technology Research

+Noise and Ergonomics Study

+Engineering Design


+Quality Control

Improving a traditional product like a backpack was an exciting undertaking for the Gizmospring team. Millions of men, women, and students use backpacks on a daily basis, so this was an opportunity to assist with a project that had significant impact. 


Brainstorming and
Market Research

Before we jumped into development, we needed to better understand and define V.I.T.L's target audience. To do this, we conducted multiple surveys and questionnaires.

The responses also helped to categorize our target market. 43% of responders identified themselves as “business travelers”, 34% identified as “commuters” and the remaining participants identified as “other".

The V.I.T.L. Cooling System

The most important consideration for the backpack was the signature cooling solution. We crafted a custom back panel that allowed the patented fan attachment to attach to the bag and be flush with the wearer’s back while channeling fresh air up and over primary hotspots. Additionally, the wearer would be able to cycle through different power levels of the fan using a single button on the shoulder strap of the bag.

Exploring Features

Previous research helped our team to determine what features our target market wanted most out of a modern backpack.

Commuters and business travelers required a comfortable, yet rugged bag that could withstand extensive use and elements like wind and rain. Knowing this, we decided to use water-resistant 900-D Polyester for the fabric and included padded, breathable straps to optimize comfort. Next, we incorporated a quick access charge port on the side of the bag so users could power their devices on the go. Additional features include a padded tech pouch, hidden passport pocket, YKK zippers, and retractable water bottle pockets.